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Data Accuracy and Enrichment

Data Quality and Enrichment Solutions

Satori Infuse Desktop Edition

Easy-to-Use, Accessible Contact Data Management

User-friendly desktop software application

Easily cleans, corrects and updates customer contact data

USPS CASS Certified™ for address validation

Offers real-time NCOA updates to ensure your communications reach their intended recipients

Appends additional information to your contact lists to improve customer communications

Data services include De-Dupe, Merge/Purge, Apartment Append, Suppression Suite (Deceased, Incarcerated, Do No Mail) and ECOA

Satori Infuse Desktop combines a user-friendly, powerful desktop application with the convenience of a cloud-based service. With Satori Infuse Desktop, you control the accuracy of your customer data so you can more confidently meet the demands of your business. Now you can simplify the process of preparing lists for marketing campaigns, order fulfillment and more.


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Satori Infuse Web Services

Build Better Customer Data for Better Results

Constructs an accurate and complete customer profile

Enhances your records and enables more personalized communications

Promotes offers by household, geography or psychographics

Helps prevent customer attrition and increases retention rates

Easily integrates with with your contact database and business applications

Satori Software’s cloud-based Infuse Web Services can quickly update customer records across multiple systems, maintains accuracy and enhances your records to enable more personalized direct marketing programs.


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Satori Capture

Quick Address Entry and Instant Verification Software

Point-of-entry validation software to collect accurate contact data quickly and accurately

Offers easy-to-use online interface

Saves time and labor because complete addresses can be entered with fewer keystrokes

Delivers powerful search capabilities which renders addresses easy to find and correct

Verifies address to comply with USPS® standards

Simplifies customer service center tasks and data-entry work

Capture is ideal for contact centers and other data-entry tasks because the best time to correct contact data is at the point of entry. Capture allows you to enter contact data correctly the first time. As each character is typed, Satori Capture checks the USPS address data set and provides valid options in real-time. After resolution, Capture automatically inserts each element into its proper location. Satori Capture gives you effective relationship management processes which can improve the customer experience.


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Satori Architect

Mail Preparation and Address Cleansing Solutions

Integrated Mail Preparation and Address Correction Software

mproves operational efficiency by automating your mailing preparation processes

Utilizes USPS® CASS Certified™ for address validation

Includes USPS PAVE™ certified postal presorting for best postage rates

Offers real-time Move Update and NCOA updates to ensure that your communications reach their intended recipients

Integrates with Neopost USA’s output management software

Offers optional EasyTrack mail stream monitoring service which provides real-time visibility of your mail as it passes through the USPS® mail stream.

Satori Architect is a powerful software solution that helps you maintain the accuracy of your address data while achieving the best postage rates – all within your existing systems. Architect seamlessly integrates with Neopost USA’s output management software to enhance your document preparation process and gain ultimate operational efficiency.


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Satori Bulk Mailer

Powerfully Advanced Mailing Software

Prepare USPS®-compliant direct mail faster and more easily

Increase mail deliverability

Navigate complex postal regulations and achieve the lowest postage rates

Features reusable task templates and comprehensive data exchange

Built for the highest-volume mailers, Bulk Mailer Business offers advanced capabilities that offer faster performance with large address files and support team-based processes.

Integrated Microsoft SQL Server database

Multiuser environment supports template sharing

Package mailings with reports for backup or transfer

Archive older mailings


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Satori EasyTrack

Real-time Mail Stream Monitoring Service

Delivers a cloud-based add-on to Satori Bulk Mailer and Architect software

Provides real-time visibility of your mail as it passes through the USPS® mail stream

Generates a clear summary of all scan activity for a single mailing

Offers upgrade for access to all reports, maps and individual mail piece tracking

The EasyTrack add-on service provides you with valuable visibility of your mail as it passes through the USPS® mail stream through a user-friendly online interface. You can generate a summary of all scan activity for a single mailing or upgrade to access more detailed information about the status of a portion of a mailing or a single mail piece. Reports show where mail was last scanned, provide a breakdown by ZIP Code™ and can even help you identify late deliveries.




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