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Customer Communication Management

Document Output Management Software

Powerful solutions for small to mid-sized businesses

DocuTransfer - powered by Krengeltech

Streamline the creation, production and delivery of your business communications

Automates the creation and production of your customer communications

Adds intelligent inserter marks to enhance document security and control folder inserters

Personalizes your communications to drive revenue

Integrates with data quality software to cleanse addresses

Integrates with postal presort software to maximize postal discounts

DocuTransfer increases mail center productivity by automating the creation and production of your business-critical customer communications. Effortlessly implement address correction with Satori Software integration, personalize your communications, control folder inserters and add inserter marks to enhance document security. The DocuTransfer suite of tools delivers dramatic efficiency gains and overall cost savings to your organization.


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OMS-100 Output Management Software

Simplify the production of your business communications

Installs easily with a user-friendly interface

Improves integrity and efficiency of your document processing

Elevates the security of your business-critical customer communications

Adds targeted promotional inserts that increase revenue and improve customer relations

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Neopost’s OMS-100 output management software simplifies and automates the document creation process. Barcodes or OMR marks are added easily to your documents through an intuitive interface to ensure your documents reach their intended recipients. The same technology directs the system to collate, fold, insert and seal your communications using Neopost’s wide range of folder inserter.


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ConnectSuite eDelivery

Multi-Channel Communication

Multi-channel communication solutions for organizations of all sizes

Effectively Manage your Multi-Channel Communications

Offers a powerful, cloud-based solution with user-friendly interface

Manages customer delivery preference for important business communications

Drives migration from traditional mail to secure email communication

Tracks delivery status in real time for instant visibility

Decreases costs with one-click paperless enrollment 

Promotes faster payment of invoices with simplified electronic payment capabilities

Companies and customers want to choose the communication channel they prefer to deliver and receive their business-critical information. Research shows that a rapidly increasing number of customers prefer digital communications. ConnectSuite eDelivery is a simple yet powerful solution that helps companies manage those preferences and maximizes their ability to send critical customer communications through traditional mail or a digital channel.


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Striata eDelivery

Drive Paperless Adoption with Innovative Electronic Delivery Solution

Increases customer adoption of paperless bills, statements, policies and other important business communications

Provides efficiency, decreases costs and enhances your customer’s experience

Replaces paper documents with secure attachments directly to customer email in-boxes

Accelerates payment via interactive electronic documents

OMECorp-Genesis has partnered with Striata, a global paperless communications specialist with more than a decade of experience, to provide paperless customer communication solutions that offer the highest level of efficiency and an enhanced customer experience.


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GMC Inspire

Enterprise Communication Platform

High-performance communication platform for the enterprise

Deliver Interactive, Personalized Messages Through an Enterprise Communication Platform

Provides a high-performance document composition platform

Optimizes template design for multi-channel communication

Tracks production in real time via robust reporting capabilities

Integrates with almost any data source

Drives relevant, targeted customer communications for increased customer satisfaction 

GMC Inspire is an enterprise communication platform which enables your business to deliver relevant personalized messages at the right time via your customer’s preferred channel. This robust platform decreases your costs,  increases operational efficiencies and improves overall customer relationships.


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