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Mail Processing & Reporting

NeoShip Online Shipping Software

There's no need to worry about the new USPS® IMpb requirements when you have NeoShip. Designed for the low to mid volume shipper, NeoShip is a simple online shipping solution that works in conjunction with IS/IM/IN-Series mailing systems. With NeoShip you can create an IMpb-compliant shipping labels in four easy steps.

NeoShip provides online consolidated views of all shipments, custom report generation, FREE address correction services and more, all from the convenience of your NeoShip account.

NeoShip postage meters can help speed up your mail processes whether you run a home office or an enterprise mailroom. Our solutions enable you to add sales messages to your envelopes and monitor and track your mail while reducing your overall postal expenditure.


Postage Meters

Simpler More Efficient Postage Solutions

IN-300 Series Postage Meter

A Desktop Mailing System for Everyone

Weigh, rate, post and track your mail with accuracy

Process up to 35 letters per minute


IN-600 Series Mail Postage Machine

A Practical and Versatile Choice

Easy postal rate selection using the built-in Rate Wizard

Monitor, track and control postal costs easily via myNeopost


IN-700 Series Postage Meter Solutions

Optimized Mail Center Management

Mixed mail feeder among the strongest performers on the market (up to 150lpm)

Easy-to-read color touch screen to select appropriate rate through Rate Wizard


IS-5000/6000 Postage Meter Equipment

The New Choice in High Volume Mailing

This postal machine has been designed with the operator in mind

New ink and printing technology provides maximum return on your investment.



Account Report Manager

Monitors, tracks and controls postage expenses

Generates customized reports based on business needs

Eliminates manual postage reconciliation processes

Exports data to enable additional analysis and reporting

Identifies postage expense savings opportunities


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