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Shipping and Tracking Solutions

Mail Center Shipping and Tracking



Optimize your large volume parcel and LTL freight shipping

Gives you speed – ProShip handles as many as one million transactions per hour on a single server while supporting complex shipping methods, procedures and business rules

Makes compliance easy – ProShip extends the rate shopping and accountability benefits of sophisticated multi-carrier shipping to your entire company, including advanced desktop shipping for office and warehouse employees

Supports your business – The ProShip Customer Advocate assures that your system delivers optimum performance and customer service

Offers a single shipping system – from a single workstation to an enterprise solution



ESS - Enterprise Shipping System

Web-based Shipping and Tracking


Effectively manage shipping for users anywhere across your organization

Provides cloud-based shipping; eliminates the need for a centralized shipment facility

Allocates costs by user, account number or cost center

Choose the best pricing from all major carriers

Creates shipments straight from your desktop

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EMS - Enhanced Mailing and Shipping

Mail and ship packages quickly, efficiently and economically from your mail center

Changes incorrect addresses, pinpoint lost or late packages and identify opportunities to better manage costs and delivery options

Allocates costs by account, carrier and service

Map and exchange data between fields of ODBC-compliant databases

OMECorp-Genesis Enhanced Mailing and Shipping (EMS) offers many tools to manage your shipping costs and build efficiency from the convenience of your mail center. Our technology can analyze your shipping operations and change incorrect addresses, pinpoint lost packages and identify money and time-saving opportunities. OMECorp-Genesis EMS also helps you manage and allocate costs by account, carrier, special service and operator productivity. 


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Set up IMpb on EMS

Create IMpb Labels in EMS



WTS - Web Tracking System

Inbound Processing and Tracking

Automate your inbound delivery needs and manage them from any location

Tracks and monitors the internal movement of accountable mail parcels

Provides full chain-of-custody for all inbound assets in real time

Captures images of delivered parcels and mail, including damaged pieces

Imports employee databases

Provides auto-recognition of carrier tracking numbers

Choice of cloud-based or premise-based solution

Designed for businesses of any size, Web Tracking System (WTS) provides convenient services to automate your inbound delivery needs. WTS increases reliability, accelerates productivity and decreases costs attributable to your company’s internal delivery process.

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Parcel Analytics

Monitor, measure and control your shipping operations.

Get a free snapshot of shipping expenditures

Detailed, real-time reporting of shipping overspend

Continuously monitor your operational expenditure

parcelCheck - offers a free snapshot of shipping expenditures. This one-time report helps businesses understand their shipping situations and offers opportunity to further research the situation.

parcelScore - provides a detailed, real-time report of the overspend amount afflicting your business. It indicates the amount of overspend in a given period and the cumulative view total.

parcelWatch - monitors your shipping overspend. You can calculate your shipping operation’s overspend on a continual basis. parcelWatch breaks down all areas of your overspend and sets priority actions based on results.